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Robinson Crusoe – Mentalist Edition

Book One of the Mentalism with Classics Series

Edited by Victor VeVea

I hope you have found this page because you have a copy of the Robinson Crusoe – Mentalist Edition by Victor VeVea.  This page has instructions for use of the book.  Feel free to look at other pages in this domain but you are now one of the few who knows that most other pages are decoys to hide this, the real purpose of the domain.

If you don’t have the book, you can buy it here:

Yes, it looks like Robinson Crusoe, but that’s part of the secret.

The book appears to be a copy of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe; however, pages have been carefully edited to insert keywords throughout.



*  The sample print run omitted this code on pages 100, 200, and 300.  No copies of the sample print run were sold.
** These keys were added after the sample print run.
Suggestions for additional code systems are welcome.

Sample Routines

The following are sample routines that you can do, but you should adapt and create your own routines.  Videos are posted on YouTube, so the book used in the videos is different than the actual Mentalism Handbook and different keywords are used so as to protect our secrets.

Scroll to the bottom for detailed descriptions of some of the ways to do these performances.


Math Shortcuts

Divisible by six.  A page number is divisible by six if all of the digits add up to a multiple of three AND the page number is even.


Divisible by nine.  A page number is divisible by nine if all of the digits add up to a multiple of nine.




My Man Friday 


Obtain a Jack or King from a regular deck of playing cards.  Decide how many spectators will participate in the initial stage of the routine (up to seven).  On a notepad, create a list of page numbers from one of the Groups of Seven shown above.  Page numbers should be written in random order and in different styles.  One number should be written for each spectator.

Stage One

Explain to the spectators that they will be selecting random pages from the book using a playing Robinson Crusoe’s man, Friday.  Hold up the card and explain that it is Friday.  Ask spectators to take turns inserting the card randomly between pages in the book.  The card can be facing up or down, but whatever page it faces is the page number selected.  The pages should be part of the story and not the table of contents or other parts of the book.  When a is selected, the spectator should write the number down on a piece of paper that will be provided with the pen provided.  Pass around the book, notepad, and pen.  Wait for spectators to complete the task.

Stage Two

Take the notepad and hand it to another spectator.  Ask the spectator to randomly select one of the pages from the list and turn to that page in the book.  Ask the spectator to concentrate on the first word, but not say it.  He should skip past short connecting words like, and, the, a, and select a noun or verb, like dog or run.  As the spectator concentrates, take the notepad and sketch a picture that exemplifies the word (prayed, happy, sad, storm, water, face, sun) or simply write the word.  Ask the spectator to state the word, and then reveal your sketch.


The list of page numbers chosen by the spectators in the initial stage is switched for the list you prepared before the start of the trick.  This can be accomplished in multiple ways, such as:

No Switch, Just Math



Stage One

Give a spectator the book, a notepad, and a pen.  Ask them to select a page and write down the page number.

Stage Two – First Out

If the page number is a pattern keyed page (divisible by 6 or 9, or ending in doubles or zero) ask the spectator to concentrate on the keyword and reveal it using any technique.

Stage Two – Second Out

Ask the spectator to concentrate on the “last digit” keyword and reveal it using any technique.