Sample Letters

From the Parable of Ten Virgins, we learn to be prepared for the unexpected, and Paul taught us in his second letter to Timothy that we should “be ready in season and out of season.”  Indeed, Proverb 27 teaches us that we “do not know what a day may bring.”

I would like to work with you to help members of your congregation become better prepared while at the same time help your church recover from the almost certain loss of income caused by the current pandemic.

First, I should introduce myself.  I am xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I am also a partner in a paralegal firm that helps people with estate planning and many other issues, and we organize legal help clinics, but I write to you specifically about our estate planning services.

We help people prepare a simple estate package consisting of a California Will, an Advanced Healthcare Directive, and a Durable Power of Attorney.  In addition to preparing the documents, we provide a notary and the required two witnesses.  We keep costs to a minimum by preparing these packages for people in groups, and we share the small profit we make with churches, such as yours.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to help your congregation with final plans on Earth as you prepare them for plans in heaven, but we realize you are deserving of a donation for your efforts – Luke teaches us that “the laborer is deserving of his wages.”

We would like to come to your church at an agreeable time and prepare estate packages for members of your congregation.  We charge the very low fee of $350 per package, and we donate 20% of that fee back to the church.  Prior to our arrival, you would provide intake sheets and payment details to your parishioners so we could have the paperwork prepared ahead of time and we could give you our donation at the same time we meet with your congregation.

If you do not have space outside your sanctuary – we don’t work in a sanctuary – we can arrange to rent a conference room or members of your congregation can come to our office.

I look forward to discussing this with you soon.  Please, give me a call at xxxx so we can make arrangements to help both your congregation and your church.