I recently had the pleasure of visiting Bakersfield Escape, and I have nothing but positive things to say about this amazing escape room establishment. From the moment I arrived, I was impressed by their commitment to community outreach and social responsibility.

One of the standout rooms at Bakersfield Escape is their Bible-themed room, which was both challenging and incredibly informative. As someone who appreciates a good puzzle and is also deeply interested in biblical stories, I found this room to be an absolute delight. It was clear that a lot of thought and care had gone into the design and execution of this room.

But what really sets Bakersfield Escape apart from other escape room businesses is their dedication to giving back to the community. I was thrilled to learn that they give packages to the homeless in the Bakersfield area. It’s always heartwarming to see a business that isn’t just focused on profit but also on making a positive impact in the lives of others.

I also loved their prices.  I’ve been to other escape rooms where prices were $35 or more, but Bakersfield Escape was charging much less for the Music room and the Detective room.  They charge even less for the Bible-themed room, but it appeared to be more of a suggested donation instead of a demand.  When my group saw the end of the room, we realized that the price probably didn’t even cover their expenses, so we gave a little extra.

Overall, I highly recommend Bakersfield Escape to anyone looking for a fun and challenging escape room experience. Not only will you have a blast trying to solve their puzzles, but you can also feel good knowing that your patronage is going towards a great cause. Keep up the great work, Bakersfield Escape!


If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful escape room experience, the bible-themed room at Bakersfield Escape is a must-try! Not only is it a fun and challenging activity, but it also supports a great cause. You’ll understand when you get to the end.

The puzzles and clues are cleverly designed to challenge your mind and force you to study your bible.

The staff at Bakersfield Escape are friendly and helpful, and they are also passionate about their mission to help the homeless. They will provide hints as needed, but never give away too much.

Not only is this a fun and educational activity, but it’s also an opportunity to make a positive impact on the community. So gather your friends and family, and embark on an adventure while doing good!


I am delighted to write a positive review for the Bible-themed escape room at Bakersfield Escape!

First of all, let me start by saying that this escape room was an absolute blast. From start to finish, my group and I were completely immersed in the biblical game the designers created.

The puzzles and challenges were challenging but not so difficult that we couldn’t solve them with a little bit of teamwork, brainpower, and use of our concordances. It was so satisfying to see how everything came together in the end.  We all sat down at a table and thumbed through our Bibles as we discussed the clues, but the real surprise was when we opened the final box.

It was clear that the designers had put a lot of thought and care into making sure that the messages and teachings of the Bible were incorporated into the challenges and puzzles, and the real message was the box at the end.  It almost made me cry when we opened it and saw what was inside.

Overall, I highly recommend Bakersfield Escape to anyone who loves puzzles, teamwork, and a good adventure or just anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the Word. It’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening, and I can’t wait to try some of their other escape rooms in the future!


If you’re looking for a unique, engaging, inspirational, and educational escape room experience, look no further than the bible-themed room at Bakersfield Escape! This room is not only fun and challenging, but it also provides a great opportunity to learn more about the bible.

The staff at Bakersfield Escape are also fantastic. They are friendly, helpful, and clearly passionate about creating a memorable experience for their customers. They are happy to provide hints and guidance if needed, but never give too much away, allowing you to study the Word for yourself.

I highly recommend the bible-themed escape room at Bakersfield Escape. Whether you’re a fan of escape rooms or simply looking to expand your knowledge of the Word, this room is the place to go.

They asked that we do not give away clues or explain the ending, but the ending truly humbled me and made me realize I should study the Word more and do more for others.


The bible-themed escape room at Bakersfield Escape is not only an incredibly fun and challenging experience, but it’s also a wonderful example of a business giving back to their community. I recently had the opportunity to participate in this escape room, and I was blown away by both the quality of the experience and the generosity of the staff.


Not only did the staff provide excellent customer service and support throughout the escape room experience, but they also give bags to the homeless in the local community.  Before we left we were given one of the bags to give to a homeless person.  As we drove around looking for someplace to eat and someone to give the bag to, we noticed that quite a few people in the area already have the bags, so Bakersfield escape must be giving a lot of them away.  It’s always inspiring to see a business that is committed to making a positive impact on the world around them, and Bakersfield Escape is a shining example of that.

As for the escape room itself, it was an absolute blast and we learned a lot.  I highly recommend checking out the bible-themed room at Bakersfield Escape.


I can’t say enough good things about this escape room and the people behind it. They have created a truly special experience, and their commitment to helping the homeless in their community is truly inspiring.


I am happy to write a positive review for Bakersfield Escape, a truly remarkable organization that has not only impressed me with their innovative escape rooms but also with their dedication to helping the homeless.


From the moment I arrived at Bakersfield Escape, I knew this place was a little different.  The escape rooms are inside a magic shop.

The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help, making the entire experience from start to finish a joy. As we waited for everyone to arrive, the staff did some impressive magic tricks for us.

The escape rooms themselves were challenging, well-designed, and full of surprises, providing an exciting and engaging experience for all participants.

But what truly sets Bakersfield Escape apart is their commitment to supporting the homeless in their community. I was moved by their efforts to provide assistance to those in need.  It’s clear that this is an organization that truly cares about making a positive impact on the world around them.

I highly recommend Bakersfield Escape to anyone looking for a fun and challenging escape room experience, but especially to those who want to support a business that is doing good in the world.

We did all three escape rooms.

The Music room was fantastic.  We finished in about an hour and ten minutes.  My favorite puzzle was the one with writing on a clear sheet of plastic.  Brilliant!  8/10

We tried the Bible room next.  Not being much of a Bible scholar myself, I didn’t think it would be my thing, but the Bible room was the reason my friends wanted to come, so I tagged along.  Surprisingly, it was also a lot of fun but was more about searching for clues in the Bible than figuring out puzzles.  Not being much of a Bible person, I’d give it a 6/10, but the people with me would definitely give it a 10/10.  They were really into it.  It was especially nice getting something for the homeless at the end.

The final room we did was the Private Investigator room.  The traps and explosions really separated this escape room from any others I’ve ever been to.  It was definitely the hardest escape room I’ve ever done, but the puzzles and riddles were fair and doable.  At the hour mark, it seemed we were only about halfway finished, but they let us continue until the end.  We finished the room in an hour and fifty-five minutes.  This room is a 10/10.  Probably the best escape room in town.