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What are the best escape rooms in Bako?


I think Ingenious Escape is the best for props and the ability to handle large groups, but they are expensive and some of the clues are difficult to understand even after having them explain what the clue is supposed to mean.  They also have the best technology for monitoring play and giving hints.  There appears to be a TV screen in every room.

Bakersfield Escape is the least expensive and their clues are difficult but fair and solvable.  I like that their rooms are brightly lit, but they only have two traditional escape rooms.  The other rooms appear to be geared towards bible studies.


I agree on both counts.  Ingenious is my fav, but the traps and explosions at Bakersfield Escape definitely make it worth a visit.  Their booking system is not so great, and you have to call on the phone to be let in the building if it is at night or on the weekend.


Why is no one mentioning Brainy Acts?  The axe throwing is a blast.  I assume the escape rooms are great too, but I’ve only been to Bakersfield Escape and Puzzle Effects.  Puzzle Effects has much better props, but Bakersfield Escape is less expensive and much more accommodating.  Puzzle rushed us too much.


Post in r/Bakersfield – This requires three accounts because you are replying to yourself.


I got bit by a dog.  I know who the owner is.  What should I do?


Report it to animal control.

—————————   They are in Bakersfield.  You may as well try to get a few bucks for your pain.


Nice to know that we have someone in town who does dog bites. is probably worth checking out, but I would also suggest Daniel Rodriguez and Chain

I would avoid the ones that appear to be advertising agencies (such as Mickey Fine or Jacoby and Meyers) and not actually Bakersfield attorneys.

There are also attorneys who volunteer at the Beale library and the court has a free small claims advisor.