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We have three Licensed Document Assistants in Bakersfield, California.  Intake Specialists at other locations in California answer calls and help clients retain the paralegals.  From time-to-time, the Intake Specialists also do odd jobs, such as collecting signatures from clients and delivering papers to court, but most work is done by the paralegals through e-mail, docusign, and other remote methods.



Summary: We’ve had several problems, but I believe we are now back on track.  Those whose pages have been updated are being rewarded for their efforts, and we are now ready to take more cases.


Leti and Glenda (the other two LDAs in the Bakersfield office) are still out with Covid.  Please, use this time to update your webpages. is not even created yet.



9/10/21 Click here to see our new ad campaign.  Check to make sure you can receive text messages at the company number, and then send me a text 661-303-8806 saying “Post the Ad.”  I will then plug in your number.  This is a paid ad, so don’t message me to post it unless you are going to be available to read and forward the text messages.

9/8/21 Facebook created for Easy Court Docs  Ask for likes and shares.

9/8/21 Prices are set for the Bakersfield market; however, some of you are in more expensive markets.  Therefore, feel free to raise prices, which will raise your fee proportionally.  The Bakersfield office will be substantially raising its eviction prices next week.

9/7/21  I combined the Intake and Payment pages to lesson the confusion of having clients jump through multiple domain names.

9/6/21 I bought  for use by Jessika in Los Angeles County.  Her page should be active soon.


We provide one or more web pages for each Intake Specialist, Google listings, advertising, and more.  A list of pages we own is here:  If you see an unused site and have ideas of how to use it to make money, let me know.  For example, Mandy found Jessika who found Stephanie.  We want a network for the whole state.

Phone procedures and rules.

  1. Make sure your cell phone has the name of the business or something simple like, “Document Services,” “Legal Support Services,” or something like that – not a personal greeting.
  2. Answer the phone using the name of the business or an example phrase like those above.
  3. You cannot use the title Paralegal, Legal Assistant, or anything similar unless you have met the statutory requirements to do so.  Introduce yourself as Intake Specialist, Secretary, Receptionist, or something similar.
  4. Make sure the client knows that we are NOT a law firm, we do NOT go to court with the client, and we only prepare paperwork under their direction.
  5. Pricing is on the company web page.  If the client wants a service that is not on the web page, take a message and send it to me in a text.
  6. Encourage the client to retain by filling out the intake sheet at
  7. Encourage the client to make a payment at
  8. You may have to explain that we share intake and payment systems with other companies so that we don’t each have to pay the cost of these services.
  9. If the client wants to pay court costs or process server fees using a credit card, add 5% because we pay these fees to others.  Remind the client that these fees do not go to the firm.
  10. Ask if the client possibly qualifies for a fee waiver.  Generally, they qualify if they are on public assistance or are otherwise very poor.  We do not charge to prepare fee waivers, but make sure they know the fee waiver does NOT waive our fee.
  11. When the client fills out an intake sheet and/or makes a payment.   Send a text so we can move the case along.
  12. Someone is generally at our main office from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Victor, Leti, and Glenda can answer most questions.  If you have to turn a client over to the main office for intake, you will still be paid for finding the client.  The main office number is (661)447-4533 and my cell number is (661)303-8806.  If you run into trouble, call the main office.

Sample Phone Script

Try to keep it simple, and try to get them to fill out an intake sheet as quickly as you can. (  When they send an intake sheet, send a text to 661-587-8423 “Joe Smith 661-444-5555 is doing intake on divorce.  Quoted $595.”

It is okay to be a new person and admit that you don’t know something.  I’ve been fairly new my entire life, and there are many things I don’t know.  Be interested in their case, but let them know that someone else has the answers, not you.


The review pagers are ready at and  Don’t leave reviews on your own page, but leave reviews for your fellow paralegals.  Get your friends to leave reviews on your page.  Get five 5-star reviews with meaningful comments on your page and I’ll send you $25.  The reviews help you more than me, but I want to kickstart this project.

Shantell can now also accept reviews (Papers for Court).

Review links are in the status chart below.

Sample Letters

This is a link to a sample letter.  We will be doing this project in Bakersfield starting this week.  We send the letter to churches, follow up on leads, have the pastors collect the information, have the remote workers fill out as much as possible, and then and then meet the clients at the church to finish the paperwork.  Send me a text if you would like to do the same in your city.

More Pages

I’m ready to add more web page.  I’ve already added A list of available pages is at  If you like one in particular, let me know.


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